Monthly Archives: August 2017

Significant savings from MWTG power scheduling with SPP

On July 21, Xcel Energy filed a 21-page report titled Mountain West Transmission Group – Southwest Power Pool DC Intertie Value Study, prepared by The Glarus Group. The study found “a significant level of benefits for MWTG and SPP from … Continue reading

NREL study on HECO’s use of advanced inverters

On July 31st, HECO filed an NREL study on smart inverters; “Simulation of Hawaiian Electric Companies Feeder Operations with Advanced Inverters and Analysis of Annual Photovoltaic Energy Curtailment.” The study includes recommendations for the activation of voltage regulation grid support … Continue reading

IM updated avoided cost calculation: PURPA

On August 3, the Michigan PSC issued a Proposal for Decision, establishing a method and avoided cost calculation for Indiana Michigan Power Company to comply with PURPA. Exceptions must be filed with the Commission on or before September 8, 2017. … Continue reading

DPS rejects ESCO petition for dismissal

On August 2, the New York PSC rejected a request by an energy service company (ESCO) trade group seeking to halt the upcoming evidentiary hearing phase of the Commission’s ongoing ESCO investigation. The Commission also rejected the group’s effort to … Continue reading