Monthly Archives: November 2017

Rhode Island Power Sector Transformation

On November 8th, as a part of the Power Sector Transformation Initiative, the DPU, OER and PUC released a joint report. The goals for the initiative are: control the long-term costs of the electric system; give customers more energy choices … Continue reading

NJ BPU seeks reforms to the state’s SREC market – says oversupply threatens price stability

On November 2, the BPU issued a Request for Public Comment in the Generic Solar Proceeding, asking for comments by November 17th, and scheduling hearings for December 4, 5 and 8. The generic proceeding considers restructuring the New Jersey SREC … Continue reading

North Carolina proposes rules for solar lessors; seeks comments

As directed by HB 589, the Competitive Energy Solutions Plan, specifically, “that as a matter of public policy it is in the interest of the State to encourage the leasing of solar energy facilities for retail customers,” the NCUC has … Continue reading

Grandfathering of NEM facilities and cap exemptions

On November 6th, the Massachusetts Department of Public Utilities (DPU) issued a clarifying order relating to net metering “notification dates.” The DPU had previously set September 26, 2016 as the date after which all new solar net metering facilities were … Continue reading

Exploration of resource planning, net-metering, qualifying facilities and distribution resource planning

On October 25th 2017, the Commission issued a decision opening a docket to address implementations of the Renewable Energy Standard (RES), governing rules of Electric Resource Planning (ERP), governing rules of acquisitions of Qualifying Facilities (QFs), and potential new rules … Continue reading

Boulder votes to continue exploration of municipalizing

On November 7th, Boulder voters reaffirmed their commitment to create a municipal utility after approving a ballot initiative by 3.5 points. As approved, the city will continue to fund the legal and planning process by some $16 million over the next 3 years. … Continue reading

Third party solicitation proposed for rolling EE business plans

On November 13th, in the cases covering the Energy Efficiency Rolling Portfolio Business Plans, the ALJ issued a proposed decision regarding third party solicitation process. If adopted, the decision would require a two-stage solicitation process to be performed by the … Continue reading