NY utilities evaluate distribution level demand response programs

New York State Electric & Gas (NYSEG) and Rochester Gas and Electric (RG&E) filed an evaluation of their Distribution Level Demand Response (DLDR) programs as a part of the Dynamic Load Management Program Order. The Order requires that the companies submit a report to the PSC each year assessing the three DLDR programs. The programs are: Distribution Load Relief Program (DLRP), Commercial System Relief Program (CSRP), and Direct Load Control Program (DLC). The report divides the DLDR programs by application type, contingency or peak-shaving, and also by customer type. The CSRP and DLRP programs are designed for commercial and industrial customers and aggregations of smaller customers who are able to achieve a pledged reduction amount through their own demand reduction strategies. The programs each have both mandatory and voluntary enrollment options with separate obligations and incentive rates. The DLC program is primarily for residential and small commercial customers and achieves demand response by remotely adjusting thermostat set points through smart Wi-Fi enabled thermostats for central air conditioning systems and a smart control device for room air conditioning units, the programs require specific operational processes, equipment, communication and education.