Our Work

We bring visibility and insight to regulatory activities that most professionals find opaque and complicated.

Companies, investors and advocates promoting new clean energy and consumer technologies have an opportunity to shape the rules that will define the electricity markets of the future. And successfully operating in these markets requires a solid understanding of the ever-evolving regulatory landscape.

E9 Energy Insight offers timely and comprehensive research into new and ongoing activities at regulatory commissions across all 50 states. Using our custom database, E9 Energy Insight tracks over 3,000 proceedings before the country’s public utility commissions that address the following topics.

Coverage Areas

1. Resource Planning (including Integrated Resources Plans)
2. Demand Side Management (including energy efficiency and demand response)
3. Distributed Energy Resources (including residential solar, net metering and storage)
4. Smart Grid (including smart meters and home area networks)
5. Distribution Infrastructure (including distribution automation and voltage management)
6. Community Energy and Microgrids
7. Rate Structure Reform (including residential dynamic pricing and demand charges)
8. Competitive Market Investigations
9. Electric Vehicles and Transportation

Our Clients

E9 Energy Insight engages with dozens of leading companies, advocacy organizations, government agencies and academic researchers throughout the clean energy and consumer technology industries. Below are just a few clients we’ve worked with. Learn more about our services to make sure your organization is poised for success.