E9 Energy Insight engages in research that is used by dozens of leading companies, advocacy organizations, government agencies and academic researchers throughout the clean energy and consumer technology industries. We offer comprehensive regulatory monitoring and engagement services designed to identify business development opportunities and guide policy strategy.

Regulatory Radarradar

Our Regulatory Radar tracks new and ongoing activity at public utility commissions across all 50 states. Updated monthly, this database contains insights into over 3,000 regulatory dockets across our coverage areas. We review and summarize vast amounts of information to save you time: providing key information and links to streamline further research. The online database also includes details on each state’s utility market, regulatory structure and up-to-date commission information.

Customized Consultingblueprint

We layer extensive regulatory research with contextual market information to help you successfully navigate the complex and multidimensional policy landscape. We employ customized analytic frameworks to segment and assess developments across the clean energy and consumer technology industries for a wide range of business and research needs. Below are specific services we provide to clients.

1. Targeted Intelligence

We sift through our vast regulatory database to provide clients with customized updates specific to their unique needs.

2. Market Segmentation

We help clients identify priority markets and key business development opportunities based on assessments of policy and regulatory landscapes.

3. Engagement Support

We guide clients through the process of participating in regulatory and stakeholder processes to ensure their voice is heard.

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